Why I’m Voting Mike Rigby

This is an email I received from Independent Borough Councillor Steve Ross from Wiveliscombe. I thought I’d share it with you.


Why I’m voting Mike Rigby for our MP.
When I am campaigning for the District Council elections many people are asking me about you. I tell them I think you will be a great constituency MP and are what we need.

We have all suffered from the impacts of party politics. In my area we have been very lucky to keep our library and public toilets but our calls for common sense on social care, youth provision and other issues have been ignored by politicians putting party before the people who elected them. As an Independent I have to use my judgement about what is best for all of Taunton Deane. The uncertainty of the national outcome (or the near certainty of a hung Parliament) means we need a strong MP. Though other candidates might have similar strengths, I think the constituency will benefit most from an MP who won’t be obliged or forced to take a party line. That’s why we need you as our MP. Nationally we will benefit from having someone who is not aligned to any party.

Tactical Voting for Taunton Deane
Local people are seeing through the party smoke screen. People are on to the fact that Rebecca and Rachel don’t dare mention you in any of their election material. The Conservatives’ Lord Ashcroft has avoided repeating his opinion poll in Taunton Deane since you entered the race. The parties aren’t giving you any press because they are scared. The Tories knew they had the Lib Dems beat as soon as Jeremy stood down and they don’t consider Labour and the Greens as posing any risk. You are a credible threat to them because of the power of tactical voting, because people are struggling with the fact that their heartfelt ideological vote, though made with integrity, would be wasted on their own party and will mean the party they don’t like wins. People want to know how to vote to achieve the tactical result they want for Taunton Deane.

Having no recent opinion poll can be a problem for tactical voters of all types, from ‘anti Tory’ to the one nation Conservatives who want to protest against vicious austerity and manic house building but won’t vote Liberal, Labour or Green. It’s a problem for people on the left and Lib Dems who want to support the area’s liberal traditions, but feel betrayed by the Coalition. Even Liberal Democrats who supported the Coalition accept the reality that their party has lost the support they ‘borrowed’ to win last time. Many now know the best tactical answer is to vote Mike Rigby.

General election betting confirms this. This might be the only independent evidence we have of your local support. Currently the Tories are attracting 70% of online bets, the Lib Dems aren’t even denting them. But you have got more people betting on you than the Greens, UKIP and Labour put together. This probably reflects the reality that the constituency is still a very long way from returning a Green or Labour MP (and that the Lib Dems have upset too many voters to win). This suggests you are the answer for anyone still struggling with their political conscience and who wants to vote tactically.

The last week of campaigning
I think the only way all the people of Taunton Deane win is if you win.

This week I’ll be out there telling as many people I can that I’m voting Mike Rigby and that we have a unique opportunity for an Independent MP for Taunton Deane.

Over the next few days I will encourage people to show their support for you in whatever way they can. Whether it’s on social media, displaying posters or just telling people they are voting Mike Rigby for Taunton Deane MP, everyone can help by reminding tactical voters and the people who are undecided that you are the only one who can beat Rebecca.

Steve Ross”

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