The Lethbridge Arms

Many people are asking what is happening with The Lethbridge Arms, so here’s a summary of what I know.

Firstly, the planning applications to convert the barn to a house and to erect 4 new dwellings in the garden of the Lethbridge Arms have been withdrawn as of 19th May 2011. There was a welter of opposition based on many grounds, most of which were covered in my letter of objection, which can be found here Probably the most crucial objection came from Highways, who expressed concerns regarding inadequate visibility splays. What does this mean? Well, typically an applicant will find it preferable to withdraw an application rather than receive a refusal when they intend to seriously amend a proposal and resubmit it so I do not expect that the proposal has gone away permanently. Perhaps they’ll come back with a proposal for fewer dwellings…..who knows but we’ll need to be vigilant for the next time, if it comes.

Secondly, the previous tenants have now left the premises. The tenancy is currently being advertised at an annual rent of £28,000.

Thirdly, many of you will have noticed the installation of concrete barriers across the access to the pub car park. In light of the above, I don’t believe that this is indicative of any permanent or semi-permanent closure of the pub, merely just security to prevent unauthorised occupation of the car park.

Fourthly, the pub is not currently available for freehold acquisition.

Will let you all know more as info becomes available.

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