Somerset County Council in Quantock Land Privatisation Plan

URGENT – Sale of Public Land!

Somerset County Council is planning to sell off over 2,000 acres of nature reserves and woodland on the Quantocks. There is a consultation underway in advance of the sale. This seems to have sneaked under the radar and the deadline for responses is 23rd December 2011!

Friends of Quantock (FOQ) has learnt with some alarm of Somerset County Council’s intention to sell Custom Common, Over Stowey, Thorncombe Hill and even Great Wood. These are all very important parts of the Quantock Hills AONB. I and FOQ feel very strongly that they should remain in public ownership and not be disposed of to the highest bidder. While some safeguards are already in place, it is clear that private ownership carries much higher risks of potential damage or neglect to these important areas, especially within the SSSI where management is all important.

The County Council has published a notice (somewhere, apparently) about the proposed sale and anyone who wishes to object to the disposal of the land should forward their written objection to: Honor Clark, Deputy County Solicitor, Legal Services, County Hall, Taunton TA1 4DY (ref: CNV0038/1/JAH) by 23 December 2011.

Friends of Quantock will be lodging a formal objection and we understand that the Campaign to Protect Rural England and other bodies are also believed to be considering objecting.

I would urge everyone interested in the Quantocks to object to the privatisation of our common property. This is like the Government sale of our Forests all over again. We won that battle through a show of strength and we can win this too.

For more information, contact the Secretary of FOQ on

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10 Responses to Somerset County Council in Quantock Land Privatisation Plan

  1. Hazel Oaker says:

    I wish to protest about the proposed sale of land in the Quantock Hills. These short-term decisions can not be undone. The land is lost forever.

  2. Pamela Earnshaw says:

    I wish to object to the sale of the County Council land on the Quantocks. It is treasured land by most people who live in Somerset and is an asset to the local tourism industry. It is short sighted and should be unthinkable.

  3. Patricia Atkins says:

    I object strongly and most urgently to the removal of this land from the common wealth of Somerset. Moreover, I challenge your right to do so.

  4. John Malcolm says:

    If, as has been commented, this proposal has not been properly advertised, ie an under the counter operation, it should be jumped on from a great height by the courts of OUR land. Let the legal eagles loose!

  5. John Sawyer says:

    Yet more underhand dealing by a poor adminisration. One only has to go to one of the Area panels to see how OUR money has/is squandered by the time servers,who do nothing of use for this county.One might also query where the monies from farms/surplus council yards etc went a few years back.Just another gang of morally bankrupt petty politicians !!

  6. John Sparkes says:

    Selling the family silver, again! It is assumed that purchasers would be individuals without the interests of the public in mind. If, however, the land could be acquired by the Somerset Wildlife Trust, National Trust and/or other similar organisations with help from the public there could be a good old British compromise with minimal damage.

  7. John and Jessica Jones says:

    I object strongly and to the sale of any publicly owned land on the QUANTOCKS. Moreover, I challenge your right to do so.

  8. campbell says:


  9. Ian Beadle says:

    I wish to object most strongly and urgently to the removal of this land from the common wealth of Somerset. In addition, I challenge the right of the County Council to do so.

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