Somerset County Council Admits “We’ve No Idea How Much Quantock Sale Will Raise”

A meeting at County Hall on 13 January has shed some disturbing light on the proposed sale of land on the Quantocks.

Lib Dem councillor, John Baily, reports an exchange with Councillor David Huxtable (Conservative), who is in charge of the sale.

‘ It’s official from Tory Cabinet member, Cllr David Huxtable

“We want a smaller Council and will transfer this to others. That is the objective, it doesn’t matter if it does not raise much money.”

This was in response to a question of how much money would be raised by the sale of land on the Quantocks.

In the case of some of these land sales there is very little competition and real concerns that the public interest has been ignored.

Then perhaps the sale will the save money? The answer came – ‘We don’t know’!!

Shadow Spokesperson John Bailey said: ‘So it is offical there is no business case, it is pure dogma. Don’t worry the Tory Administration is not selling the family silver – they are giving it away’

From Quantock Online

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