Somerset Conservative Leader Misleads the Council

After the previous meeting of Somerset County Council on 22 October, I wrote an open letter to John Osman pointing out that almost everything he said in his 8 minute statement about the post of Director of Children’s Services was untrue. You can read my letter here. John has sent me a reply in which he employs his usual tactic of failing to address the questions put to him and instead answers something completely different. You can read it here.. So to summarise, John Osman misled the Council by stating that Eric Pickles made his criticism of Somerset County Council without the full facts. That may or may not have been the case when Pickles spoke in the House of Commons but it is certainly not true when Pickles subsequently levelled the same criticism at SCC in the Sunday Times. John has no response at all on the fact that he misled the Council on the issue of insurance so I think we can take it that he accepts that. Also no comment regarding his silly criticism that Tessa Munt MP is not tabling a private member’s bill in The Commons to deal with pay arrangements for temporary council staff. She has not even been drawn in the ballot that decides which MPs can do that.

So, no apology from John and his Conservative buddies for presiding over such a shambles in Somerset’s Children’s Services or for misleading the Council about that shambles. And let’s not forget, these are the very people in whom prospective Conservative MP for Taunton Deane, Rebecca Pow, has recently expressed her confidence.

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