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So, that makes 5 arrests in connection with arson at Sandhill Park – all young men in their late teens and early twenties. It does not look as though any charges have yet been filed so we will need to watch to see what happens. I understand, however, that it does appear that the property was insured and that the damage is not so serious that the building cannot be repaired and restored. Demolition is certainly not on the table, so that’s good news. The rebuild, however, may well be part of a wider redevelopemnt plan so we will need to remain vigilant to ensure that these plans respect the historic value of the property. Taunton Deane’s record in respect of this property has been less than impressive to date. Watch this space

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  1. Lorna Gibbs says:

    I feel the site as a whole, including the gardens and further houses should be restored but without the need to turn it into flats & suchlike.. could it not be used as a hotel or for corporate events/training?
    Something I’d like to see would be a holistic treatment centre, it would be fantastic in it’s surroundings.. offering crystal healing, herbal remedies, bowen, acupuncture, homeopathy, etc, etc alongside the availibility to learn these techniques, would make a wonderful use of such a magestic building and the area surrounding it. The whole community could benefit from an idea like this, the availibity of new jobs while bringing in custom that could use the village facillities while staying or training at the site? Sandhill deserves to be preserved and shown off for the beautiful statuesque building it really is, not trashed and split into fragments of it’s former glory!

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