Thanks to ITV for continuing to cover this important issue, with last night’s bulletin being the latest. The Council’s thinking is hopelessly muddled with the Councillor in charge, Huxtable, yo-yoing between “it’s about saving to invest” and “we don’t care if the sale raises money; it’s about making the Council smaller” as their motivation for the sale. If you ask me, it’s pretty clear that the sale is ideological. Why? Because, they have no idea what the land is worth having refused to seek a formal valuation of the land in question. This is no way to run a Council. The land is effectively held in trust on behalf of all Somerset Council Tax payers and should remain so. There is no evidence that continuing to hold the land is costly to the Council and neither is there any evidence that the Council’s ‘assurances’ will protect access and wildlife following the sale. Over 30,000 people have signed petitions onjecting to the sale. How many more people have to shout before our Councillors listen? Ultimately, they will be forced to listen at next year’s County Council elections….

Cllr Huxtable may have taken the decision to sell-off Thorncombe Hill, Over Stowey Customs Common and Great Wood yesterday but the battle is far from over. Many of us will be at the protest at Shire Hall (next to County Hall) at 9.30 on Wednesday 15th February and we would love as many people as possible to join us to demonstrate the strength of feeling. Many of us will also be asking probing questions of the Council at its meeting later that morning. The issue will also have to be discussed at a further Council meeting in May before the sale can take place…..

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  1. Habberfield says:

    my late Father’s maternal family have been traced back in the Somerset records and archives to the C14th. where they were land owners.
    After WW1 my Father having survived returned to his stamping ground where he married my Mother who also came partly from Somerset ancestry.
    We as children were all fortunate in being able to enjoy much peace in exploring the Quantocks and where we learned to appreciate all that the area had to offer whilst after my Mother’s sudden death my Father returned to the Quantocks which he loved so much to live and settle for his remaining years.
    I was appalled to learn that Lady Elizabeth Gass had sold off much of her inherited estate to EDF and now we have some of the Somerset Councillors supporting the sell -off of the woodlands.
    where will this all end ?
    It does seem that we Brits have very little ‘say’ in the manner in which we should like to see our country side managed – but that all that appears to matter to the ‘powers that be’ is ever more development of one sort or another and that ‘money’ is the answer to everything – do we all really believe that ?
    maybe Lady Elizabeth Gass may care to support the local people in a bid to take over the woodlands – being that she has done so well out of her deal (by all accounts) and would feel she might just be in a position to ‘give something back to the community ‘ ? this at least would serve to ‘set a good example’ dont’ you think.

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