Police & Crime Commissioner Elections – Today!

Police & Crime Commissioner Election

Don’t forget to vote today. As I’ve said, many of us regret the decision to introduce the role of Police & Crime Commissioner but it is happening regardless. The elections are today, and by tomorrow we’ll have a PCC installed. So if we’re getting a PCC anyway, we may as well have our say in choosing that person. I’ve participated in a number of the debates and have decided to support Pete Levy and Sue Mountstevens. They both have experience as Members of the Police Authority and Pete has additional experience having served as both a civillian and Military Police Officer. And crucially, they are the candidates best placed to stop the extremist Ken Maddock and his obsession with cutting budgets. It will be a disaster if he becomes the PCC as I’ve described in previous blog posts. And remember, apathy = a Maddock win. With the backing of the Conservative Party, Maddock will have the benefit of the Party’s efficient vote machine; they are good at getting out their vote. Unless we want to see just what damage Maddock will do to our Police Service, please get out and vote for other candidates.

You can vote for a first and second preference – there are full instructions at the Polling Station. And you don’t need your Polling Card to vote; just turn and tell them your name and address. Now GO VOTE!

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