Oi! Somerset! Stop Selling Public Land!

The fight to stop Somerset County Council selling public land goes on. Having already disposed of 1,500 acres of the Quantocks for £250,000, the Council now wants to press on with the sale of a further 500 acres on Over Stowey Customs Common and Thorncombe Hill. Most local people want to see these important areas retained in public ownership, as they have been for almost 100 years. The Quantock Land Action Group has forced a further debate on the issue and will present another petition, of 5,000 names at the Full Council Meeting on 16th May 2012. We hope that the appointment of a new leader may lead to a more sensible, publicly-responsive policy on this and other issues. Somerset Conservatives have an ideal opportunity here to show that they have switched course after the divisive leadership of Cllr Maddock.

There’s still time to object. Email your local County Councillor and tell them to stop the sale. You can find your local County Councillor’s email address and idea of what to say here http://mikerigby.org/2012/04/10/tell-your-county-councillor-to-stop-selling-public-land/ It’ll only take you a couple of minutes.

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