Norton Fitzwarren By-pass

A number of local residents have asked me what is happening with the Norton Fitzwarren by-pass now that the housing developments at Langford Mead and The Old Cider Factory are well-advanced.   Having discussed it with the appropriate people at County Hall I can tell you the following.

  • the Silk Mills/Langford Mead section is complete;
  • the second phase, picking up from Langford Mead and linking up with the B3227, i.e. through The Old Cider Factory site, is likely to be completed in the next six months providing an effective by-pass for a large part of Norton Fitzwarren;
  • the final phase is associated with the future development of Ford Farm, for which no planning permission currently exists.  This final, most westerly section is therefore likely to be some years away.

Hope that helps update anyone interested in what is going on in Norton Fitzwarren.

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