Norton Fitzwarren By-pass

A number of local residents have asked me what is happening with the Norton Fitzwarren by-pass now that the housing developments at Langford Mead and The Old Cider Factory are well-advanced.   Having discussed it with the appropriate people at County Hall I can tell you the following.

  • the Silk Mills/Langford Mead section is complete;
  • the second phase, picking up from Langford Mead and linking up with the B3227, i.e. through The Old Cider Factory site, is likely to be completed in the next six months providing an effective by-pass for a large part of Norton Fitzwarren;
  • the final phase is associated with the future development of Ford Farm, for which no planning permission currently exists.  This final, most westerly section is therefore likely to be some years away.

Hope that helps update anyone interested in what is going on in Norton Fitzwarren.

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19 Responses to Norton Fitzwarren By-pass

  1. George Campbell says:

    Good to see the joined up planning coming together. How many years?

  2. Duncan Hepple says:

    Hi Mike, any news on the Old Cider Works – Langford Mead (Phase 2) road?

    • Mike Rigby says:

      Hello Duncan,

      The second phase of the road (the part that links The Old Cider Works to the completed section between Silk Mills Road and ‘Beauford Park Bridge’) is expected to be completed in April and open for public use then. Work on this section has stalled while statutory undertakers install services under the road/footway although it is already being used by Barratt and Bellway construction traffic. What is disappointing is that the developers are in breach of the planning agreements in that the road should have been completed some time ago. The local planning authority does not seem particularly keen on taking enforcement action to get the road completed. You can be assured that were I the County Councillor I would be insisting that developers met their obligations on time. If I am elected in May and the work is still not completed then, I will do just that.

  3. rob Allpress says:

    Mike, when will the cycle/footpaths along the b3227 be ready? Are they going to be done after the main road is done?

  4. Charmaine Vizor says:

    Now that you are elected – can you give any updates on what is happening with the new road – as a resident who lives in the middle of the village, it is something we want to see sooner rather than later, tired of the developers getting it all their way and paying no heed to the people who live here, the plan to close the footpath again at the bottom of Kingdom Lane again is a pain….

    • Mike Rigby says:

      Hello Charmaine. There is a defect with the bridge that carries the new road over Halse Water at the southern end of Beauford Park. Essentially, the bridge is holding water due to a problem with its surface. This is to be remedied in the next few weeks now that a plan has been agreed. Once this is done, the remaining works can be completed and the road opened in the next 5 weeks. It is possible that the final layer of the road surface (the wearing course) will not have been laid by the time the road is open. This is often the case where the substantive development has yet to be completed, in order to avoid damage being caused by heavy vehicles. There are also likely to be some temporary barriers in place in order to reduce vehicle speeds until the required barriers have been permanently installed between the road and the railway line. I share your frustration at the continuing delays but will stay in close contact with the developers and the team responsible at County Hall to ensure that these revised timescales are met.

  5. dan Sparks says:

    mike, what is happening with the new road now?
    there is the bypass and the path running behind the taylor wipmey side of langford mead, both 3/4 finished!

  6. Not much activity seems to have taken place for many months on the new road between Halse Water bridge and the Railway Footbridge at Norton as I cycle along it several times a week with it being an almost traffic free route between Silk Mills Lane and Norton village centre. It seems to be “unoffically” used by quite a few pedestrains & cyclists although it is clearly unfinished. Hopefully they will sort the problems with the river bridge if that is causing the delays in formally opening the section of road to the public.

  7. Jamie says:

    The traffic situation through Norton and Cross Keys has been absolutely ridculous for the past 6 – 8 months. In rush hour it can take 30-40 minutes to finally filter though the congestion at Cross Keys roundabout. Once traffic backs up past the shops many cars take the rat-run up Rectory Road, through Hilly Park and past the school, effectively trapping the waiting traffic in between.

    I feel sorry for the people trying to get in from A358 who have to permanently give way at the Cross Keys roundabout to the traffic coming via Norton. The sooner the whole bypass is finished the better so that anyone trying to get down Silk Mills Road will effectively be able to bypass Norton and Cross Keys completley and aleviate the congestion there. It’s just a shame there doesn’t seem to be any progress. Is it still going to take several years to finish the last section up to the railway bridge on the West side of the village?

    • Mike Rigby says:

      Without the Ford Farm development, the by-pass will never be completed unless the County Council can be persuaded to fund it (unlikely). Given that Ford Farm is in a flood plain, there must be continuing doubts about whether that will ever happen, especially in the light of all the recent criticism of councils for allowing more building in the floodplain. I will start discussions with TDBC and SCC about the situation and whether we need to find an alternative funding mechanism in order to complete the Norton bypass.

      • mrs T Wier says:

        Hi, It was interesting to see this post, and your continuing involvment in this matter, Mike.
        I was a bit dissapointed though with your latest comment which I found as I was looking for confirmation that the road leading from Silk Mills Lane to Norton F woud be opened by the summer 2014 ( to quote one of the workers from the site there)

  8. Fi says:

    Who thought it was a good idea to allow the gas works during rush hour at the Silk Mills Lane roundabaout? Were they completely mad? Works on such a major pinch-point should never have been permitted during daylight hours. I see the traffic lights have been taken down today – perhaps they had too many complaints.

  9. John Henderson says:

    Hi Mike. Can you please tell me who has the riparian rights for the stream running through Norton. I think it is called Halse Water though I may be wrong.

    • Mike Rigby says:

      Typically, riparian rights and obligations are held by the owners of the land either side of the stream up to the halfway point of the stream. I would expect Halse Water/Norton Brook to have many riparian owners.

  10. John Henderson says:

    Thanks for your reply. Can you tell me how to find out the names of the persons, groups or companies who have these rights? I would like to go fishing there as I have heard that there are good trout to be had but I do not want to find that I am poaching. Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in anticipation.

  11. Jacky Pullman says:

    With regard to the final section of the Norton Fitzwarren by-pass being completed. I noted ,whilst driving over the bridge towards Wiveliscombe as you exit NFW, a new structure in the field on the left which looked like a kind of bridge, or , indeed, the preparation for a bridge or raised road which might or might not be linked with the last section of The Great Western Way which will divert traffic away from our busy village. Could someone advise if the road really is on its way to full completion?

    • Kevin Woodley says:


      I think the new structure to which you refer is a new platform or the like on the West Somerset Railway. I don’t think it’s part of the by-pass.

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