Musgrove Park Hospital – Vanguard Eye Contract

NHS Logo I understand that the long-awaited report into what went wrong with Musgrove Park Hospital’s outsourced ophthalmology contract with Vanguard Healthcare will be released next week.

I have been asking questions about this for months and am hoping that those that remain will be answered by the report.

I see that, as a further intrigue, Private Eye is reporting that Vanguard is owned by a venture capital firm called MML, whose founder has donated £276,000 to the Conservative Party. The ongoing break-up of the NHS into a myriad of contracts let to private firms will no doubt help many private health companies enrich themselves. It is not at all clear that any of this will benefit patients. Indeed the marketplace established to manage all these contracts is sucking billions out of the funds available for frontline care. The Conservatives promised before the election, ‘no more top-down re-organisations’ of the NHS and promptly spent £3billion on exactly that. I wonder what changed their minds?

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