Mike Supports Daylight Saving Bill

The Daylight Saving Bill, sponsored by Conservative MP Rebecca Harris faces its next hurdle when it goes to a Commons vote on Friday 20th January. The Bill, which would bump the clocks forward by an hour all year-round for a three year trial, would make the mornings darker and the evenings, when most of us carry out our leisure activities, lighter. By better aligning available daylight with human waking hours, we don’t need to use so much lighting, saving half a million tonnes of carbon emissions each year. RoSPA also estimates that the move would save around 100 lives on the roads each year. Previous opposition from UK farmers and Scotland appears to have melted away with the NFU now backing the move and recent polls showing that the clock-shift is favoured by a majority of Scots. I think this is a great idea as it means that rather than trying to sleep through hours of morning sunlight, particularly in the summer months, we get that light in the evenings instead. Who really cares whether it’s light when you’re getting ready for work or school? Far better to have that light in the evenings, in our time, when we can do something fun with it. Find out more here http://www.lighterlater.org/

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