Mike Launches Campaign for Somerset County Council.

Vote-Mike-02Having come within 9 votes of being elected to Taunton Deane Borough Council, I have for some time considered whether to stand in the 2013 Somerset County Council elections. I am now very confident that I have sufficient backing and support to make a serious challenge to represent the Lydeard Division* in the 2nd May elections. I have for some years campaigned on issues falling within the remit of SCC, including the recent highways maintenance fiasco, economic development, public forest giveaways, sustainable transport, fly-tipping, library closures etc so it makes sense that I seek to represent local people on the body that has authority over these issues.

I have received much support from local people during such campaigning and believe that I can translate this support into votes on 2nd May. For 4 years, we have been represented by a Conservative councillor who voted to sell off public forest on the Quantocks, to give away nearby public moorland for nothing and to close Bishops Lydeard Library, the only one in his division. Why does he do this? Because his party tells him to. It’s pointless voting for a Party-backed candidate (Liberal, Labour and UKIP would be no better) they’re just Party puppets doing whatever their Leaders tell them, regardless of the impact on their residents. That, together with the fact that none of the political parties closely enough represents my views, is the reason that I’ll be standing as an Independent.

There is much to do if I am to take the seat on behalf of local residents and I would be grateful for offers of assistance in leafleting, canvassing etc. Remember, as I have no party-backing, I get no financial or manpower support other than from people like you. Let’s show that the grassroots can take back control from political parties that are more interested in implementing their own ideologies than doing what is best for us, the local residents. More on my detailed plans to follow……

Let’s go!

*Lydeard Division incorporates Norton Fitzwarren, Cotford St Luke, Langford, Bishops Lydeard, Lydeard St Lawrence, Ash Priors, Combe Florey, West Bagborough, Triscombe, Cushuish, Cothelstone, Toulton, Seven Ash, Trebles Holford, Rich’s Holford and Tolland

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