Mike Blasts Hypocritical Conservative Councillors

I finally managed to get my hands on the Conservative Party’s leaflet for Bishops Lydeard today; they seem to have been a little thin on the ground.  Having seen it I can see why.  I think they must have been too embarassed to distribute it widely.  Talk about hypocritical!  There they are, our 3 Conservative candidates,  pictured standing forlornly in front of “the threatened Bishops Lydeard library”.  It is Conservative Councillors that closed it!!  And what did we hear from our local Conservative Councillors a the time?  Not a peep.  No fight,  no objection, because they have to toe their party line.  That is why I am standing in this election, to stand up for our services and facilities and for what is best for our villages.  And that is why I urge residents everywhere to vote Independent.

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