Let’s Hear it For Small Businesses

I’ll start by declaring an interest here; I run a small business.  Small businesses fulfil a  crucial role in the UK economy – very nearly half of all employment in the UK is provided by small businesses, a figure that regularly surprises people.  There are so many that were each small business in the UK to employ just one additional member of staff, there would be no unemployment at all in this country.  Which brings me to the point of this blog post.  During these times of economic stagnation, what better way to get people back to work than encouraging small businesses to recruit.   The cost of taking on staff should be reduced by extending the Government’s current National Insurance Contributions holiday to all parts of the UK, and to all existing businesses employing fewer than four members of staff.

I have been a member of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) for several years now and am proud to say that I have just been elected to the Committee of the Taunton & District Branch.  I’m looking forward to the opportunity to share what I’ve learnt from the highs and lows experienced in running your own business and to benefit from the huge knowledge of my fellow members.  To find out more about the FSB, check out their website.

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