Key Campaign Themes

Following yesterday’s campaign launch, I want to set out some of the key themes I’ll be focussing on. While much of what I want to achieve is based around making local improvements, I will also be seeking to engage with national issues. I have produced the following to give you some idea of my priorities.

  • Grow UK Income – Fairer personal taxation system required. End to international firms’ tax-dodging
  • Stopping NHS Privatisation – Removing the hugely wasteful market from the NHS. Securing a real-terms increase in funding.
  • Resolve Taunton’s Traffic Issues – Big city traffic problems without big city facilities
  • Housing – Reform of private rented sector and building more public housing to increase availability to people on medium & lower incomes
  • Devolve Powers to Councils – Our system is too centralised, councils starved of cash for local services, leading to system failures. Redress unfair deal for rural areas. Additional council tax bands.
  • Environmental Protection – Tackling climate change, wildlife protection, control of chemicals
  • Secure UK Energy Supplies – Fix existing stock of heat-leaky homes, support early switch to low carbon energy, all new homes to be fitted with renewable energy sources.
  • Education Reform – Restore local planning and governance of schools, reducing class sizes.
  • Proper investment in local infrastructure – local railway stations, roads (A303 &A358) & flood defences, superfast broadband to be built into all new homes.

These themes are by no means all I will be talking about but provide a focus for my activities.

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  1. jane says:

    Mike, how about introducing higher vat rates for luxury goods. By which I mean yachts,high end cars (Maserati etc) if the vat was 25% it wouldn’t prevent the people who purchase these items from buying but it would increase money into the treasury. Some of that increased revenue could be re distributed to help the needy.
    What do you think?

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