How to Vote

Okay, a number of people have asked me how the voting system works. For the Borough Council elections, there are 7 candidates for 3 seats, all of which are currently held by the Conservatives. As there are 3 seats, you have (up to) 3 votes. If you are going to vote for me, you have two other votes. You could, as the Conservatives have been telling people, vote for me and two Conservatives but if you did that, you’ll just be cancelling out the vote for me. I would urge anyone considering voting for me to do just that, vote for me and with one of your spare votes, vote for Clive Martin (all-round good chap) and don’t use your third vote. That’s the only way to get a change of direction in our villages!

As for the Parish Council, there are 11 candidates for 10 seats so you have (up to) 10 votes. Again, if you support me and my agenda, I’d advise that you vote for me. Please consider also voting for Clive and anyone else that particularly takes your fancy but don’t use up all your votes or your preferred candidates may not get elected!

Hope that heps. Call me on 07599 808090 if you need any further advice.

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