Fly-tipping Continues to Soar in Taunton Deane

You may remember my revelation this summer that following the cuts to opening hours and introduction of charges at the Council’s recycling sites, flytipping in Taunton Deane had doubled. At the time Cllr Ken Hayward, who holds the environmental services portfolio at TDBC, said: “Figures do fluctuate month by month and we monitor them closely to see if we can identify a trend but with present volatility of numbers recorded no trend is evident that would allow any sensible projection forward.”  Well it’s very clear that there is a trend and it’s called sky-rocketing.  The latest quarter’s figures continue to show that the cost of clearing up flytipping continues to run at twice the amount seen before Taunton Deane implemented their policy of cuts and charges at the sites  It’s time to reverse these cuts, which are damaging the environment.

Taunton Deane has now spent more public money clearing up flytipping in the first six months of this year than it did in the whole of last.  Now the second quarter figures are available and we can see that there have been another 176 incidents in the Deane, over half of the number for the whole of last year – in just one quarter!  Everyone but Taunton Deane seems able to see that if you cut access to legal waste disposal options, you’ll get an increase in illegal tipping.

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