Email Mike just sent to Maltese Prime Minister

Dear Sir,

I am troubled by the detention of the ship Steve Irwin in Scotland by virtue of a spurious legal case brought by the Maltese company Fish and Fish Ltd. All evidence points to the fact that the Bluefin Tuna released by Sea Shepherd, operators of the Steve Irwin, had been illegally caught by Fish and Fish Ltd and that Sea Shepherd acted within the law. Sea Shepherd undertakes important work enforcing international law where nation states or international bodies are unable or unwilling to do so. The fishing of Bluefin Tuna in the Mediterranean is grossly unsustainable with stocks having collapsed dramatically in recent years and should not be permitted at all until stocks recover. In order to protect the overseas image of Malta, I would urge you to use your influence to persuade Fish and Fish Ltd to desist from its ill-advised legal action.

I look forward to your response.

Kind regards,

Mike Rigby BA(Hons) BTP MInstWM CEnv ACP

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