Current Campaigns and Activities


  • Introduction of a 20mph zone in Bishops Lydeard
  • Prevent the sale/giveaway of more public land on the Quantock Hills
  • Reduction in vehicle speeds in our villages;
  • Improvements to cycling and walking facilities in our villages
  • Building of a cyclepath between Bishops Lydeard, Cotford, Norton and Taunton
  • Battling fly-tipping.
  • Organising Bishops Lydeard Party in the Park

Party in the Park






  • Fighting Climate Change
  • Promotion of renewable energy

Recent Successes

  • Construction of the roundabout at Bishops Lydeard (A358)
  • New, lower speed limit between Norton Fitzwarren & Staplegrove
  • New, loser speed limit between the A358 and Cotford St Luke
  • Rollout-out of superfast fibre internet service across much of the Lydeard Division. Up to 80mbps;
  • Following intensive lobbying, Somerset Councils agreed to re-open Taunton’s Priorswood Household Waste Recycling Centre;
  • Repairs and improvements to Bishops Lydeard War Memorial;
  • Successful defence of Bishops Lydeard Library from Somerset County Council’s axe;
  • The achievement of numerous highway improvements and maintenance items;
  • Organising the repair of the historic ‘Tramway’ pole at the junction of High, Church and West Streets after it was struck and damaged by a tractor.  April 2010;
  • Co-organiser of Bishops Lydeard Party in the Park for 2010, 2011 & 2012;
  • Achieved the installation of speed monitoring equipment in Bishops Lydeard.
  • More dog waste bins.



5 Responses to Current Campaigns and Activities

  1. joan hardie says:

    I would like to add my support for a cycle path/walkway from Bishops Lydeard to Taunton and Cotford St. Luke. As a cyclist and dogwalker the cycle path is long overdue and would benefit several groups of people.

  2. Donna Hicks says:

    Hi Mike, at this point I’m interested – probably most – in your National interests (as opposed to local and global). I know you will look after our local interests, but I’d like to know where you sit in relation to policies being put forward by the likely governing parties. Oh, and I’d like to see when your next hustings will be. Can’t find them. Cheers.

  3. lee gibbins says:

    I have just read your views on the badger cull and applaud everything you say – especially the lack for tb of testing on culled badgers . I did ask…….. and ask about this at the time because i found it hard to believe that no testing was the rule. I still don’t understand why this happened – to me it made the culling pointless.

    • Mike Rigby says:

      The testing did not happen because I continue to believe that the cull is not connected to TB prevention. It’s because badgers, as a protected species with no natural predator, are regarded by some farmers as a pain in the neck.

  4. Katherine Black says:

    What is your position on forthcoming housing plans proposed in Bishops Lydeard?
    I live on Taunton road and am dismayed that I was told today by unbelievably the green candidate that the building of new housing opposite my house on a greenfield was practically guaranteed.
    I know you cant stop progress; and I do not want my view across the fields to wellington monument ruined, but Im not sure this would be to the village, especially the strain on local amenities.
    This also seems to come at at time when the area is already being flooded with large housing developments.
    I keep my fingers crossed (although i fear they may get sore…)

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