Yet Another Crash at Lethal Bishops Lydeard Junction

file-02-11-2016-10-14-35Anyone driving on the A358 past Bishops Lydeard will be familiar with the dangerous junction with Station Road.  There have been numerous accidents at this junction in recent years including the recent death of Sally Eveleigh.  Taylor Wimpey were required to build a roundabout at the junction and while I welcome the fact that work has finally begun, it is years late.  For many years now we have been calling for a reduction in the speed limit on this stretch of road. The County Council knows that it is is dangerous, going so far as to erect a sign warning ‘Collision Site Ahead’ yet astonishingly maintains the national speed limit of 60mph at the junction.  Following the death of Mrs Eveleigh in April, I requested that the County Council reduce the speed limit in anticipation of the construction of the roundabout.  Again, the request was refused.  This morning saw another multi-vehicle collision so again, I ask “Please get on and impose the 30mph limit before there are any more accidents. You made us wait 4 years for the roundabout because you’ve not enough staff left to get the job done.  Now make this road safe.”file-02-11-2016-11-22-08

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