img_7468Following my Facebook post FAQ, further questions have been raised and I have some answers.

Q. When will the 30mph temporary speed limit be implemented?

A. The current plan is to keep the disruption to a minimum and to delay the imposition of the speed limit for as long as possible, currently til mid-November.  This will be kept under review and, if safety concerns dictate, it will be brought in sooner.

Q. What traffic control will be in place during the works?

A. It had previously been thought that two-way flows on the A358 would be maintained throughout most of the works.  This is not now the case.  From mid-November, the southbound lane of the A358 will disappear, leaving just the northbound lane.  This will be controlled using three-way traffic signals, one for each direction of the A358 and one for Greenway Road.  This does have the potential to cause significant disruption.  I have asked County and the contractor, SWH to consider how this may affect the village and the risk of rat-running using Taunton Road and Minehead Road.  They will be producing a list of recommendations in the coming weeks.

Q. How will the pedestrian crossing on the A358 work?

A. It will be linked to the 3-way signals.  New tarmac paths will link the crossing to the existing footways.  The position of the crossing (between the underpass and the roundabout) will vary during the works.

Q. Can a temporary bus stop be provided to replace the suspended stop on Station Road?

A. I have asked.

Q. What has happened to the No. 23 bus at Greenway?

A. I have asked County to investigate whether alternative arrangements can be put in place in order to retain the service, which appears to have been suspended during the works.

Q. Will the dark spot at the western end of the underpass footway be fixed by new streetlighting?

A. Yes, new carriageway lighting on the Greenway Road arm of the roundabout will fix this.

Q. The current signage suggests that the A358 is closed and that there is a diversion through Bishops Lydeard.  Can this be rectified?

A. I have raised this with County and SWH who will see if this can be made clearer.

This Q&A will be a regular feature on my site throughout the duration of the works.  Please feel free to keep asking questions – – and check back here for progress reports and updates.


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