Bishops Lydeard Employment Land Defended from Housebuilder

Well, together we managed to send housebuilder Taylor Wimpey packing after its attempt to abandon the permitted employment uses at Station Farm, Bishops Lydeard.  As I’ve said many times, the applicant completely failed to demonstrate that the employment uses are not viable; the £1million+ that the businesses would generate in wages are far more important to the village than another 8 houses.  I went to the Taunton Deane Planning Committee Meeting at which the applications were decided, on Wednesday because despite all the objections and the strong case we advanced to retain the employment uses, the Council officers had, inexplicably, recommended approval.  I was accompanied by our 3 Borough Councillors and the Chair of the Parish Council who all spoke out against the plans and they were thrown out emphatically by 9 votes to 2.  Taylor Wimpey have the right to appeal the decision, so we will have to be vigilant and may need to support the Council if such an appeal is lodged.  I’ll keep my ear to the ground and will be sure to let everyone know if this happens.  Hopefully Taylor Wimpey will have got the message and will make a serious effort at marketing the land earmarked for employment uses to owners capable of developing it.

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