‘A Budget All Liberal Democrats Can Be Proud Of’. Really?

This was the proud boast of Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg yesterday. If cutting tax allowances for pensioners to fund a tax cut for those earning over £150,000 a year is something that makes Liberal Democrats proud, then that’s all we, the voting public, need to know about the party’s long march towards merger (not coalition) with the Conservative Party. Long gone are the days when the Liberal Democrats were seen as the conscience of the Labour Party, often arguing for policies to improve public services such as the increase in income tax to pay for improved education. Now their education policy revolves around hanging the £27,000 cost of a university education around the necks of the students themselves. And what of the privatisation of the NHS envisaged in the Health and Social Care Bill? Does this also make the Liberal Democrats proud? Do their Councillors and grassroots supporters really devote their time to the Party to achieve policies like this? All this begs the question “What are the Liberal Democrats for?” They may as well just join the Tories. Having betrayed so many of their previous convictions they seem determined (and capable) to do whatever it takes to hang on to the power that 2010’s electoral accident bestowed upon them. It is difficult to see that they have achieved anything in moderating the more extreme policies of the Conservative Party. And what about Osborne’s claim that pensioners wouldn’t be worse off; they just won’t be as well off as they were going to be? His logic circuits have obviously taken a short holiday….That’s like scrapping pensions altogether and telling me that I won’t be worse off because, as a 42-yr-old, I don’t currently get a pension!

Oh well, we may not have to tolerate LibDem involvement in Parliament after the next election; recent forecasts suggest that the Liberal Democrats could lose 55 of their 57 MPs. Remember the time when other parties joked that all the Liberal MPs could share the same taxi to get to the Commons? Unless the Party stops supporting the ‘Millionaires’ Party’ in everything it does to help the rich and stuff the rest of us, a motorbike ought to do it in 2015……

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