Further Fuel Pain as Crude Oil Price Hits All-time High

Crude oil is currently at its highest ever cost when priced in Sterling.  Although the dollar price has been higher in the past, the value of the British Pound has fallen since then such that, at over £74 per barrel, the Sterling record has been broken.  With prices at the pumps regularly exceeding £1.40, the pressure is on the public to seek new ways of saving fuel.  Mike Rigby, head of Westcountry energy efficiency firm, CCM Ltd and candidate in the local elections in Taunton Deane pointed out ” The Government is unlikely to do much to ease the tax burden on road fuels any time soon so the onus is on us all to find ways to be more efficient.  The relative efficiency of newer cars has improved markedly in recent years and perhaps rathern 0-60 stats we ought now to be more interested in mpg when choosing a car.  My car is twice as efficient as the one I drove 6 years ago and that equals a huge saving.”  Mike went on to point out that his campaign for a cycleway between Taunton and Cotford/Bishops Lydeard would offer a safe alternative to a journey that many people currently make by car.  “The villages in this area are also quite well-served by buses and we need to fight to keep them going.  The more we use them, the more likely we are to keep the service”, concluded Mike.

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