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Mike Rigby endorsed by Martin Bell OBE and Dr Richard Taylor

Mike Rigby, Independent candidate for the Bishops Lydeard Ward has been endorsed by the Independent Network, the Richard Taylor and Martin Bell backed national organisation for independent candidates and representatives. The Independent Network endorsement comes three weeks ahead of the … Continue reading

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Mike Presses for Cotford St Luke – Bishops Lydeard Cyclepath/Footway

From the many doorstep discussions I’ve had in recent weeks, it’s clear that there is a strong desire for better cycle/foot connections between Cotford and Bishops Lydeard.  Currently, the only real way to walk or cycle between the two is … Continue reading

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Mike Endorses Clive Martin

In these Borough Council elections, we each get 3 votes as we are electing three Borough Councillors.  Given that you can only vote for each candidate once (shame!) that leaves you two spare votes, after you’ve used one of them … Continue reading

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Mike Plants Trees at Bishops Lydeard PlayPark

Yesterday we took delivery of two new trees for the Village Green, a hornbeam, one of my favourite trees, and a flowering cherry.  We planted the hornbeam on the perimeter of the green near some young whitebeams and the cherry … Continue reading

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Mike Blasts Hypocritical Conservative Councillors

I finally managed to get my hands on the Conservative Party’s leaflet for Bishops Lydeard today; they seem to have been a little thin on the ground.  Having seen it I can see why.  I think they must have been … Continue reading

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Things You Want To See Done

Whatever changes (or things you want to keep the same) you would like to see in your village, please add them by commenting on this post and, if I can, I’ll help you achieve your local goals.

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Election Signs

Got the last of this batch of election boards up this morning.  Thanks to all those individuals and businesses who’ve let me put up a board on their property!

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Mike Slams Taunton Deane’s Recycling Policy

Conservative-controlled Taunton Deane Borough Council, as part of Somerset Waste Partnership, has drastically reduced the opening hours of the Borough’s Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs), closing on some days and with shortened times on others.  Charges have been introduced at … Continue reading

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Martin Bell Launches Independents’ Campaign

Former BBC man and one-time Independent MP for Tatton, Martin Bell, has launched the Independent Network’s campaign for the English local elections. The organisation is backing candidates standing under their own name rather than a party banner. Mr Bell has … Continue reading

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Somerset Tips Start to Charge the Public

Four Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) in Somerset have started charging the public to use the sites.  Residents are charged £2 for each visit to Coleford, Dulverton or Middlezoy tips and £1.20 at Crewkerne.  The move, introduced jointly by Somerset’s … Continue reading

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