Environment Agency Briefing on Dredging of the Parrett & Tone

Somerset Levels Flooded

Somerset Levels Flooded

The Environment Agency has issued a briefing on the forthcoming dredging works planned for the Tone and Parrett rivers in Somerset. Notable that discussions are to take place with landowners regarding the spreading of silt to land, which appears to contradict the argument that dredging stopped because the silt is regarded as ‘toxic waste’. It is of course possible for silt to be classed as hazardous waste if it contains hazardous substances in specific concentrations but the EA tell me that they don’t expect that to apply on the stretches of the Tone & Parrett in question; testing will confirm. There are contingency plans in the event that such substances are found and any silt so contaminated would obviously not be spread to land.
Dredge Briefing

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