On Your Side

I was elected as County Councillor for the Lydeard Division on 2 May 2013. I decided to stand because I disagreed with so much of what the Conservative administration was doing. From the illegal libraries closure plan, to the boom in flytipping and the neglect of our road network. Why am I an Independent? Partly because none of the political Parties adequately represents my view of the direction that we should take, but mainly because representing a Party would mean that I must conform. I am not prepared to ignore the interests of the people of this area in favour of the interests of a Party. The people must come first and only by being an Independent can I do that. Having been elected, there is much to do. The expected ‘hung council’ did not materialise, with the Conservatives hanging on to a slim majority. This will make it more difficult for me to achieve all that I would wish but there is much that I will be able to accomplish for the people of this area. Keep checking back here for details of what I’m up to or follow the links above to my Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Why are we Letting Housebuilders Build New Homes Without Fibre Internet?

October 16th, 2014

Broadband ImageYou may recall my recent letter to Eric Pickles MP asking why we are letting housebuilders put up new homes without fibre internet service. It’s here Well, I’ve finally received an answer, just not a very good one. The letter from Brandon Lewis suggests that the Government won’t require fibre internet to be incorporated in new homes while they are being built because the house building and telecoms industries don’t want it. That’s the housebuilding industry that doesn’t want its profits dented by having to incorporate this essential service and the telecoms industry that makes loads more money retrofitting fibre than it does laying it during home construction all at taxpayers’ expense. Not difficult to see whose side the Government is on, is it?